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Student Workstations

413 Image
The ELC has several student workstations located in CB 413. Each work station has access to soldering/desoldering tools, hand tools, oscilloscopes, signal generators, power supplies, and other specialized tools to help students with their class or personal projects. Shop techs also provide on-site training and assistance with these tools.

Machine Shop

Machine Shop
The machine shop provides students with access to a vinyl cutter, band saw, sander, table saws, mitre saw, drill press, metal mill and a ventilated paint booth,. Equipment use requires safety training beforehand, provided through Click here for the training for everything in the shop

Project Requests

Filament for 3D Printing
The ELC provides students with access to state-of-the-art machinery such as high definition 3D printers, a PCB mill, and a laser cutter. Due to the technical nature of this machinery, students wishing to use this service must submit a project request form whereupon the shop technicians will perform the needed machining.

Electrical Components

Capacitor in Yellow Trays
The ELC has a large range of electrical components that students and faculty may purchase. Items ranging from discrete components such as capacitors and inductors to fully integrated curcuits and microcontrollers are all available. For after hours purchasing, students may use the ELC vending machine located at CB 423.

Hardware Components

PCB Mill
The ELC also provides a variety of hardware components such as screws, nuts, bolts, cables, stand offs, springs, thermal couples, knobs, wheels, chains, wood, metal, plastic and paint. Office supplies are also available for purchase.


Cougar Cash, department card, or research group only!


10 day or end of semester duration, no charge.

Inter-departmental Loans

All ECEn equipment check-outs to other department(s) will be limited to a duration of one semester free of charge, after which a rental fee of 3% of the value of the equipment will be charged each month. Equipment requested by other departments will only be checked out to faculty within those departments (e.g., the faculty leader of a Capstone project). This will help ensure that equipment is not lost as groups change and seniors graduate.

Our intent is not to hinder your activities, but rather to encourage those who need equipment to look first within their own department, then to us for short term checkout only. The purpose of the rental fee is to cover the cost of overhead, replacement and repairs that inevitably arise as equipment is used.


Brigham Young University
416 Clyde Building (CB)
Provo, Utah 84602


Monday - Friday: 8am-5pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Joe Bussio - Shop Manager

Eric Barker - Shop Manager

Student Techs (Legacy, but we still check it)